Contour Memory Foam Pillow

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You save ₹120(10%)
Special Price ₹1,079.00 MRP ₹1,199.00 All prices above are inclusive of taxes
You save ₹120(10%)
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Contour Memory Foam Pillow adjusts to your every twist and turn

Bid adieu to bad sleep! The SleepX Contour Memory Foam Pillow will never let you wake up with a sore neck and stiff shoulders ever again!

  • Includes healing benefits
  • Adapts to head and neck curves
  • Provides the right support
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic
  • Soft-touch pillow
  • Better hygiene & freshness


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Questions? We're here with answers.

Q. Can the Pillows be returned ?

No, we do not have return policy for SleepX Pillows.

Q. Are these pillows suitable for side and front sleepers?

SleepX Pillows are suitable for all types of sleepers.

Q. How are the pillows packed?

All SleepX pillows are compressed and vacuum packed. After opening the packaging, the pillows will take about 12 hours to fully decompress and regain their shape.

Q. Is 100 night’s trial applicable for pillows?

100 nights Trial is applicable only for SleepX mattresses. It is not applicable to Pillows.


Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated after every nap with SleepX’s pillows online. The Contour Memory Foam Pillow gently adjusts to your sleeping position and keeps the posture of your head and neck in excellent shape. This memory foam pillow will offer you an elevated sleeping experience every night, one of the best pillows for neck pain. Easy to wash and dry, this memory foam pillow comes treated with SleepX’s exclusive Neem Fresche technology that protects you from dust mites, breathing disorders, allergies, and more. You can get this memory foam pillow online and premium fibre pillow only at SleepX!

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