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Mattress Prices that feel like a Dream!! UPTO 55% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF ON PREPAID ORDERS. 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL | FREE DELIVERY


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Sleepwear provides the ultimate relaxation for your body and mind. Whether you're waking up in the morning, going to sleep at night, or just lounging around during the day, there's nothing better than putting on your favorite pair of pajamas. The best brands know that their customers are looking for something that's comfortable, stylish, and adds a bit of fun to any outfit. That's why they make sleepwear that you can relax in while still looking great.

Soft, stylish, and silky on your skin, our sleepwear collection is available in 100% mercerized cotton fabrics. Available in modern designs, the cotton fabric nightwear collection ensures easy wash care too.

Why choose SleepX’s Sleepwear

SleepX is the best sleepwear for men to buy online in India. Interested to know why? Then let’s get started:

It's soft and lightweight.

It doesn't keep you warm during the night, so it's great for hot climates and people who get too hot during the night.

It dries quickly because it's made from microfiber material (which is also very soft).

We have great women's sleepwear as well as men's sleepwear so you can find something that fits your style perfectly. Some of SleepX’s must-have items include:

Women's Pajama Sets- These are great options for anyone who loves to stay in bed all day long! Our women's pajamas come in all different colors and patterns so you'll always find something perfect for your needs!

Men's Pajama Sets- Men need their own special kind of sleepwear too! Our men's pajama sets feature everything from full-length pajamas and shirts so there will always be something perfect for your taste!

Shopping for Sleepwear Online

Shopping online can be extremely convenient. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home is hard to beat, and with the ability to compare prices and features in a matter of seconds, you can make sure you are getting the best product for your money.

Online shopping also allows you to read reviews from other customers who have already purchased a product. This can help ensure that you avoid any problems that other people have had with that particular brand or model--and if nobody has reported any issues, then it's likely an excellent choice!

You should always check out a website's return policy before purchasing anything from them as well--if something goes wrong with what you buy, this will determine whether or not they'll accept returns on items (and if so, under what conditions).

Shop Sleepwear online at SleepX, we deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. Our products are made with high quality materials that provide optimum comfort and support during sleep, making them perfect for those who want to lead a restful night of sleep every day.

SleepX Sleepwear for men is the perfect addition to your bedtime routine. With a wide range of styles and patterns to choose from, you will surely find something that’s right for you. From pajamas with pockets to hoodies and tees, we have everything covered so that you can look good and comfy while getting some rest at night!

Go home, take a well-deserved rest, and try on your new sleepwear. Whether that's silk pajamas or the comfiest pair of sweats you own, it's time you put on something that you enjoy. SleepX believes ”Rest is no fun if you're not comfortable doing it”.

SleepX provides complete sleep solutions & aims to make good sleep your super power! We have a wide range of products to offer like Mattresses - One of the best available Mattress Online, Choice of 6 Types of Pillows, 100% Cotton Comforters, Mercerized 100% Cotton Bedsheets, Lounger, 100% Mercerized Cotton Sleepwear & Mattress Protector. Discover the modern designs according to your need and pick the best option for you.

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