Mattress Prices that feel like a Dream!! UPTO 55% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF ON PREPAID ORDERS. 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL | FREE DELIVERY
Mattress Prices that feel like a Dream!! UPTO 55% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF ON PREPAID ORDERS. 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL | FREE DELIVERY

SleepX Geo Lines Comforter

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  • Reversible - Both Side Print & One Side Print/ Other Side Solid combination available
  • 100% Cotton- breathable and natural moisture absorbency
  • Mercerized Cotton Outer Fabric - Luxurious super soft hand feel, Silk like Lustre, enhanced colour Retention
  • 150 GSM Microfibre Filling – Checked and Assured
  • Machine Stitched Diamond Pattern quilting - micro-fiber does not collect in one place
  • Modern & premium designs
  • Easy wash care- Machine washable
  • Microfibre Filling - light weight, suitable for use in all seasons

1 Lakh+ Snoozers sleeping comfortably!

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Questions? We're here with answers.

Q. Can these comforters be used as AC quilts in hot weather?

Yes, SleepX comforters are ideal for all seasons

Q. How do I protect my comforter?

Machine wash your comforter in cold water on a moderate cycle in a big front-loading machine. Then, using dryer balls, tumble dry on low. Avoid ironing or dry cleaning the comforter since some chemicals can dry it out, causing it to break down faster and lose its resilience and insulation capabilities.

Q. Can I use my comforter directly on the floor for sound sleeping?

No, it's not a good idea. You should avoid using it directly on the floor.

Q. How should I store my comforter?

Never put your comforters in plastic bags or containers if you wish to store them. It requires oxygen to survive. Moisture can build up, and these products may begin to smell if sealed in a plastic bag with no breathing holes. Always keep them in cotton bags or breathable containers in a dry, ventilated environment.

Q. Is comforter and duvet the same?

NO. Comforter is "ONE" piece whereas duvet is used with a cover or quilt. Comforter is easier to use as compared to a duvet

Q. What is difference between Duvet and Comforter?

Same as above. Also, the comforters are generally quilted and is ready to use.

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Wrap in comfort with the snuggliest comforters from SleepX. These are as soft fur and as snug as a bug in a rug! The microfibre material of our comforter maintains the cuddly factor high at all times. Irresistibly hard to get out once you get in!

One cannot say no to the cozy hugs from luxuriously soft 100% cotton comforters. With the mercerized cotton outer fabric, it feels super soft to the touch and shines like silk with high colour retention. Its match made in heaven between your sleep and Sleepx’s comforter.

Our comforters are as durable and captivating as they are soft and comfy. At SleepX, we carefully and diligently craft a perfect comforting comforter, right from the design composition to the finished product. Stitched to perfection in a diamond quilting pattern protects the microfibres from collecting in one place and lets you sleep peacefully without any grind.

The breathable fabric with natural absorbency and antibacterial properties prevents discomfort to your skin and leads to a peaceful sleep. We present a wide range of modern and premium designs which are reversible to give you the best of the solid and print worlds. Just flip it when you please and as you please.

Imagine a comforter that's perfect for all-weather, is ultra-soft to cuddle and easy to maintain with machine wash. SleepX makes your daydreaming turn into a good night's sleep! You can find comforters that are not only soft, cozy and lightweight but also easy to maintain. So wait no more! Say hello to sound sleep with SleepX!

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