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Simple Things That Can Help Sleep Better At Night

Getting ample sleep is just as necessary as a healthy diet and regular exercise. We can’t stress enough on the importance of a good night’s rest, for the body to heal and recover from the stresses of the day. In today’s hustle-culture world, a majority of the working population burns the midnight oil and gets back to the grind with only four to six hours of sleep a night. Getting less rest than is necessary may set the body up for some unfavourable health conditions later in life such as hormonal imbalance, weight gain, and chronic inflammation.

So, we’ve curated a few tidbits for you to inculcate in order to get the most out of those zzzs:

Bright light during the day helps you sleep better at night

Well, bright light during the day. The body’s natural clock, known as the Circadian Rhythm, affects the body, brain and hormones, helping it stay awake and letting it know when it is time to sleep. Natural or bright light enables a healthy Circadian Rhythm. It helps improve and maintain energy levels during the day and the quality of sleep at night. Studies have shown that those suffering from insomnia fell asleep 83% sooner when exposed to bright light during the day. Another study recorded 80% sleep efficiency and an increased two hours of sleep in older adults, from two hours of bright light exposure.

And of course, dimmed lights in the evening are the way to go

By the same logic above, as the day approaches dusk and night time, begin dimming the lights in your surroundings to invoke the natural order of things and keep your Circadian Rhythm healthy. Too much light during the second half of the day tricks the brain into thinking it is still daytime, and reduces hormones such as melatonin in the brain, which are responsible for relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Devices that emit blue light tend to mimic the same effect of bright light exposure. Hence, it is important to restrict the use of blue light screens and digital devices after sundown. During instances where using digital screens during the night is imperative, try some hacks such as these-

  • Turn off bright lights, computers, mobile screens and the TV at least to hours before bedtime
  • Wear glasses that block blue light emitted from the screen
  • Change the display settings from blue light to yellow light as night time approaches

Caffeine should be consumed only until 2 PM

While caffeine has multifold short-term benefits like enhanced energy, focus and athletic performance, it is best consumed during the day. It puts the nervous system in an excited state for the body to reap these benefits. But if consumed later in the day as well, the body remains in that state of excited nerves and cannot go into a state of relaxation, as it should. Hence, the body finds it hard to fall asleep easily.

A study showed that consuming coffee upto six hours prior to bedtime decreased the quality of sleep. So, it is recommended that one not drink coffee or consume any other form of caffeine post 2 PM, so as to let the body begin to relax in a natural way. For those who crave a caffeinated beverage in the evenings, choosing a decaffeinated drink or reaching for coconut water instead may be ideal.

Make sure to get the right mattress and pillow for your body

We don’t realise how important the right mattress and pillow are for sleep quality. For example, if you are prone to backaches and you sleep on a soft mattress, you may find yourself being tired through the day with no respite from the pain. This is because a soft mattress would not allow you to get good quality sleep. Picking the right mattress depends on your body weight. The thickness of the mattress should be proportionate to your weight and height. We, at SleepX, have the best mattresses for back pain in India. Feel free to browse through our videos and articles to learn more about which type of mattress is right for you. If you have any questions, you can also write to us on our helpline and we will help you find your perfect match.

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