30-55% OFF ON OUR MATTRESSES! Work From Home Day Special - Addl. 5% Off on Mattress. Code: WFH22
 30-55% OFF ON OUR MATTRESSES! Work From Home Day Special - Addl. 5% Off on Mattress. Code: WFH22

Know who you’re getting into bed with

We're not just looking to start a better relationship between you and your mattress. We want you to embrace your body's needs to relax, refresh and rejuvenate while protecting yourself against uninvited bedfellows like allergens, bacteria and fungus. Inspired by your lifestyle, SleepX is all about a design philosophy that puts your health and sleep first.

Unlike your relationship with your ex (mattress), we are not looking for anything less than perfect. We know that you deserve nothing less than a 10. So, we are out to create satisfied sleepers who take pride in giving their minds and bodies the rest they deserve. We believe in putting extra work into the relationship. Developing, testing and constantly innovating our products to perfection allows us to keep your bed free of unwanted germs and allergens.

So, be picky. Be fussy. Break up with bad sleep. Don’t settle for anything less than amazing. Say it loud and proud “Bad Sleep #NotInMyBed”

While you count sleep, we perfect it

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The medicinal qualities of neem combined with eco-friendly germ-killers ensure that you and your loved ones get the best of health and comfort. Every SleepX mattress is infused with Neem Fresche technology so that you can keep your PJs on and those pesky bacteria off.

Order your SleepX today and tell all those unwanted guests #NotInMyBed.

Along with being under you, SleepX wants to be there with you and for you. Follow us on our socials to know what we're up to.

Let’s make our relationship social media official.

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