Protect your loved ones also while they sleep.

Your mattress attracts all kinds of germs. Effecting not just your health, but that of your loved ones too.

Thankfully, every SleepX product is treated with Neem Fresche technology that protects you from:-

  • Dust mites
  • Allergies
  • Breathing disorders


Your bed is where you sleep, play, love, hang out and chill. It's your personal space . But some uninvited pests climb into bed with you, without your consent . That’s why, all our products come with the revolutionary Neem Fresche technology, to protect you from dangerous germs, dust mites, and bacteria.  

The medicinal qualities of Neem combined with eco-friendly germ-killers, ensure that you and your loved ones get the best of health and comfort. Every SleepX mattress is infused with Neem Fresche technology so that you can keep your PJs on and those pesky bacteria off.  

Order your SleepX today and tell all those unwanted guests #NotInMyBed.

Order your SleepX mattress today, and tell all those nasty bacteria, Fungus and dust mites


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