Classic Fibre Pillow : Set of Two

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You save ₹55(10%)
Special Price ₹494.00 MRP ₹549.00 All prices above are inclusive of taxes
You save ₹55(10%)
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Classic Fibre Pillow is soft and fluffy, just like cotton candy!

Ever laid your head down on a cloud? The SleepX Classic Fibre pillow gives you the same feel and comfort! The hollow siliconised conjugated fibre teamed with a light, feathery touch and comforting warmth and freshness will change the way you sleep!

  • Reduces humidity
  • Allows air ventilation
  • Bounces back to original shape
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic
  • Better hygiene & freshness


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Questions? We're here with answers.

Q. Can the Pillows be returned ?

No, we do not have return policy for SleepX Pillows.

Q. Are these pillows suitable for side and front sleepers?

SleepX Pillows are suitable for all types of sleepers.

Q. How are the pillows packed?

All SleepX pillows are compressed and vacuum packed. After opening the packaging, the pillows will take about 12 hours to fully decompress and regain their shape.

Q. Is 100 night’s trial applicable for pillows?

100 nights Trial is applicable only for SleepX mattresses. It is not applicable to Pillows.


SleepX is here to transform your sleep experience. Check out the Classic Fibre pillow if you are looking for pillows online. The Classic Fibre pillow is crafted for comfort and is everything you need for a good night’s sleep. Its unique features allow air ventilation and reduce humidity, giving you unparalleled comfort and a good night’s sleep. The Classic Fibre pillow comes with Neem Fresche technology which offers you long-lasting hygiene and freshness every time you sleep, making it one of the best pillows in India. Your hunt for pillows online ends here! Get the best pillows online only from SleepX


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