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  1. How Old Mattresses Affect Your Health

    How do you clean your bed? Maybe vacuum occasionally or change the sheets regularly? But did you know that these cleaning techniques do not get rid of germs that live deep within your mattresses? You might already be having a serious problem of old mattress-related health issues where your clean looking bed has become a breeding ground for pathogens . 

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  2. Tips to Sleep Better in 2021 | Neem Fresche Technology for Quality Sleep

    Why do you think sleep scientists continuously say that we need 8-hours of quality sleep? Well, the experts are gradually learning more about why we sleep and what happens during that phase and the results are astonishing. There is a direct connection between inadequate sleep and weight gain. Mental health also goes for a toss if you are sleep deprived. 

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  3. Sleeping Positions and Personality, Meaning and Effects | SleepX

    Did you know that humans are the only mammals who can willingly delay their sleep schedule? Surprisingly, during World War II, we had slept better, averaging at 7.9 hours of sleep. But the number kept falling since then and today, human beings around the world are just getting 6.8 hours of sleep on average.

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