Better Sleep Cycles Customized for You

Mattress Prices that feel like a Dream!! UPTO 55% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF ON PREPAID ORDERS. 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL | FREE DELIVERY
Mattress Prices that feel like a Dream!! UPTO 55% OFF + EXTRA 10% OFF ON PREPAID ORDERS. 100 NIGHT FREE TRIAL | FREE DELIVERY

A good night's sleep is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, controlling back pain, and ensuring the body's overall well-being.

SleepX mattresses support the back and help you fall asleep quicker and better than regular mattresses. It can cause aches and pains throughout your body when you wake up in discomfort or pain due to a lack of comfort while resting on beds made with different materials, such as foam or springs, which cannot provide proper support at times. 

At SleepX, we ensure better sleep cycles for everyone. SleepX’s range of mattresses includes the Dual Comfort Mattress, Bonnell Spring Ortho Mattress, Ortho Memory Foam Mattress, and Ortho Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. These mattresses conform to your body shape and keep you blissfully asleep all night long. If you seek uninterrupted sleep, buy mattresses online from our comfy range of orthopedic mattresses.

If you're looking for the best sleep, it's important to have a mattress that's just right. You might have heard the phrase "personalized sleeping experience" before, but what does it mean?

A personalized mattress is one that has been designed specifically for a particular person, based on variables such as gender, body type, and sleeping preferences. If you want to get the most out of your sleep cycles every night, then a custom-made mattress could be exactly what you need.

Customized mattresses might seem like a complex and expensive investment, but you will be surprised to learn that they can actually save you a lot of money over time. The benefits go beyond the obvious, since a comfortable mattress is vital for good health and restful, refreshing sleep. 

Here are some reasons to explain why you need to get a customized mattress today:

1. A perfect solution when you and your partner have different sleep preferences

different sleep preferences

We understand how important a good night's sleep is. So if you’re someone who's married, then customized mattresses are a blessing. 

Because, even if your heart is one, your sleeping habits may differ. Unfortunately, traditional mattresses can only have one level of firmness throughout the entire mattress. Customized mattresses can be made to support different levels of firmness on each side. This allows both of you to achieve the sleep experience you desire.

2. Tailored to perfection for optimum feel

Tailored to perfection

With our tailor-made mattress service, you can enjoy the comfort and support of a premium mattress that's designed to fit you perfectly. Our mattresses come with special features to give your body comfort and the right posture while sleeping, along with long-lasting relief to the pressure points in your body.

3. Improved sleep cycles

Improved sleep cycles

By changing the way your body moves during sleep, you can help improve your sleep cycles and get better quality rest. This will lead to more energy throughout the day and fewer aches and pains when you wake up.

4. Suitably Sized as per your body type for extra comfort

Suitably Sized

The size of your mattress is a crucial factor when it comes to its comfort level. The mattress should be large enough to accommodate your body type and the amount of pressure your weight puts on it.

5. Can be adjusted as your needs change

One of the lesser-known benefits of a custom mattress is that you can adjust it as your needs change. You can add or remove comfort layers or change the firmness of the layers as and when you desire. While many people feel that they have to make a choice between comfort and support, personalized mattresses also offer personalized adjustments.

You can find the right mattress for your needs and comfort while also being able to customize the product to fit your needs. The main benefit of a custom mattress is that you can choose the size, firmness, and materials that work best for you.

People who are interested in purchasing a customized mattress will often go through a few different options before finding one that works for them.

Let us tailor your mattress to perfection for an optimum feel. Our Mattress Specialists are happy to assist you with any queries on your chosen mattress.

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