30-55% OFF ON OUR MATTRESSES! Work From Home Day Special - Addl. 5% Off on Mattress. Code: WFH22
 30-55% OFF ON OUR MATTRESSES! Work From Home Day Special - Addl. 5% Off on Mattress. Code: WFH22


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    100% Cotton- breathable and natural moisture absorbencyMercerized cotton- Luxurious super soft hand feel, Silk like Lustre, enhanced colour RetentionPremium & modern designsTC & Size - Checked & assuredPre shrunk : Will not shrink after washingEasy wash care- Machine washable
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    SleepX Solid Fitted Bedsheet
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    Bedsheet 180 TC + 2 Pillow covers

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Questions? We're here with answers.

Q. What does mercerized cotton mean?

Mercerisation is a special textile finishing treatment for cotton which improves dye uptake ( therefore better & brighter colours) and increases durability and imparts a silk-like luster for enhanced premiumness. It also does not lose its shape as much as "regular" cotton.

  • Increased Softness
  • Silk like Lustre
  • Increases strength & durability of fabric
  • Colours are retained longer through wash cycles
Q. Is the product returnable?

Yes, this product comes with a 7-day easy return policy. Customers have 7 days from the date of delivery to initiate a return(For more information, please refer to the return policy section on our website)

Q. What is the material used in these bedsheets?

All of our bed sheets are made from 100% mercerized cotton.

Q. Does a bedsheet affect how a person sleeps?

It does. The right bedsheet ensures comfortable sleep. An uncomfortable bedsheet can result in disrupted sleep.

Q. What is thread count in a bedsheet?

The number of threads woven together in a square inch is the thread count of a bedsheet. Our bedsheets are available in a thread count of 120 TC, 144 TC and 180 TC.

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Say hello to the world of the comfiest and most luxurious bedsheets from SleepX! A bedsheet made so soft that it feels like sleeping on a cloud. With 100% cotton material, our bedsheets have breathable fabric with air circulation to keep you cool and cosy all night long. These intelligently designed sheets with mercerised cotton inherit natural moisture absorbency and are ideal for all-seasonal use. So you get a perfect sleep mate for you and your bed. These moisture-wicking, breathable sheets will make you fall asleep instantaneously and wake up recharged and refreshed every day. They even help regulate the temperature making you sleep like a baby, not too hot, not too cold!

The wide range of premium and modern design bedsheets come with high colour fastness and lustrous shine. It means they don't fade away but only get better with each wash. The fine-weaving technology brushes the fabric into an ultra-soft texture with no shrinkage. So you sleep better with a luxurious super-soft feeling and cosy sense without the struggle of setting bed again and again!

Our all-new range of beautiful prints and neutral-solid colours come geared up to turn your bedroom into your personal paradise and give you the sleep you deserve. These bedsheets have natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent you from getting any allergic reactions.

From comfort to ease, everything's wrapped so perfectly into these bedsheets that you will never want to leave your bed again. Bring home your perfect sleep mates with SleepX and cuddle up with good sleep!

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