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SleepX comes to you from the House of Sheelafoam, makers of the flagship brand - Sleepwell. Sheelafoam and the brand Sleepwell have been a part of generations of delighted consumers over the last five decades and it continually strives towards attaining a perfect balance between latest technological advancements and the demands and luxuries of the modern consumer. Sheela Group is India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company. It has 10 state of the art manufacturing units, a strong support of over 100 distributors and over 8000 dealers in India. Sheela Group commands approx. 30% market share of the Indian P.U. Foam industry. A market leader in India with almost 50 years of experience, a pan India distribution and manufacturing network, a diverse product portfolio and robust R&D capabilities, define this pioneer in the business of comfort.
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We spend many a sleepless night getting to the bottom of whatever affects our sleep and whatever gets affected by it. While most of it can be seen in our honest-to-god blogs, our research doesn’t really aim to create something that sells but something that empowers. In fact, comfort is just the tip of the iceberg (not like we’ve left any room for complaints). We dove into the finer details of human sleep behaviour in all our craziness. That included testing our products on actual people with actual problems.
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Innovation is at the core of our work. But we didn't just stop at differentiating our products. Our innovation isn't just about how our sleep solutions take on real human problems. It's also about how conveniently they can be purchased and delivered, how easy they are to install, and of course, how they keep up with the ever-evolving tech around us.
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We make your purchases convenient and hassle free. You can be assured of a safe buying experience with us. SleepX provides you with great products and services so that you continue to stay with us ever and ever. We believe that hygiene and health are very important and so is comfort and a good sleep. All our products ensure you stay healthy and comfortable, all the time.



Please don't judge us. We do it for a living. But more importantly, we do it for great mornings and bright faces.
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You've already read about how gaga we are about sleep. What good is it for if we don't go gaga about it on social media? We don't do it to sell our products. We do it because we care and want to share. We do it because we want you to know how sleep matters and what matters to it. We do it because it isn't just with our products that we strive to enable a new you. (It's memes too :P)

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